was a year of
big ideas
finding solutions

In 2017, we launched the Health Standards Organization (HSO)

HSO Logo

HSO builds world-class standards and innovative assessment programs, new technologies and activation services for accreditation bodies, governments, associations and others.

HSO works together with Accreditation Canada

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Accreditation Canada delivers HSO’s high-impact, high-value assessment programs including certification and accreditation to Canadian and international clients.

Two organizations.
60 years of quality improvement.

One bold ambition:

To unleash the power and potential of people around the world who share our passion for achieving quality health services for all.

2017 by the numbers

<p>countries – our presence around the world<sup>MD</sup></p>


countries – our presence around the worldMD

<p>dedicated staff</p>


dedicated staff

<p>accreditation surveys completed</p>


accreditation surveys completed

<p>peer surveyors</p>


peer surveyors

<p>health and social services sites working with us</p>


health and social services sites working with us

<h4>36 million+</h4>
<p>lives impacted</p>

36 million+

lives impacted

And it’s all because of you

In 2016 we consulted with more than 700 people

including patients, practitioners and policy makers to understand how best to impact the quality and safety of health and social services in Canada and around the world.

What we heard:

  • Connect better with one another
  • Design systems and solutions for people
  • Listen to all voices
  • Make it easier to do the right thing
  • Boil it down to what matters
  • Link data, decisions and practices to better health
Quote Author

“I’m the key to making me better because I have all the hidden information.”

Igniting a People Powered
Health Movement

We call this People Powered Health™

We’re all about people.

People who are passionate about achieving quality health services for all.

People who turn big ideas into results that matter.

We call this People Powered Health™

Every day we dedicate ourselves to working with people from around the world so that we can achieve quality health services for all.

Here are a few examples of how we’re bringing people closer to the center of everything we do:

  • Launched the HSO Patient Partnership Office to include patients and families in the development of our programs and services
  • Introducing Client and Family Centered Care (CFCC) criteria into our standards (2017) and over the next five years, introducing People Centered Care (PCC) criteria into our standards
  • Patients themselves are being integrated into our survey teams to provide important perspective during the accreditation process (What’s a survey?)

World-Class Standards

Standards are the backbone of every Quality Improvement initiative

That’s why in 2017, we launched Health Standards Organization (HSO) to develop the next generation of rigorous global standards that raise the bar for health and social services – all the way from Toronto to Dubai.

The only Standards Development Organization dedicated solely to developing health and social service standards

  • HSO was accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), making it the only Standards Development Organization in Canada solely dedicated to developing health and social service standards.

  • HSO launched the first of over 30 Technical Committees.

  • We began revising 10 standards and will be launching 2 new standards by the end of 2018.

Redefining Quality Assessments

Health systems are evolving, and so should the way health organizations are assessed.

Here’s what we’re doing:
  • Providing more choices to health and social service providers by introducing:
    • Attestation and Audit
    • Unannounced Surveys
    • Patient Pathways
  • Launched, and will continue to grow [pro]gress Audits and Action Plans. This software platform allows organizations to self-assess against HSO’s world-class standards and follow up on their assessments using assignable action plans.
  • Enhancing the way surveyors are deployed to recognize and meet the unique needs of organizations.

Connecting all aspects of the patient journey

Patients as:

  • Experience Experts
  • Safety Partners
  • People

No one is more of an expert in their care than patients themselves.

That’s why we’re working to connect the dots along the patient pathway so that everyone receives consistent care across their entire journey within the health ecosystem.

Allied Health Education

We’re also proud to provide a program that works with allied health education providers to help ensure that those who are entering the healthcare field are trained up to the same quality and safety standards that we ask our organizations to uphold.

Bringing the best of the world to Canada and vice versa

Grew, and continue to grow, HSO’s Leading Practices
Library, which showcases over 1,000 innovate quality
practices from health service providers across Canada
and abroad.

Built assessments
that address the
needs of specific

We opened offices
in the Middle East
and Europe to be
closer to our clients.

We met with thought leaders, clients,
clinicians, patients and policy makers from
more than 20 countries to better understand
their needs and expand our reach.

In 2017 we recruited and
trained 70 surveyors from 13
different countries, including
14 patient surveyors.

Addressing the needs of all different types of providers

Providers told us that we need to tailor our standards and assessments for their unique needs, and we heard them.

A community clinic, for example, has different needs than a hospital. We’re getting rid of the one-size-fits-all approach and building standards and assessments specific to different types of care providers.